Monday, September 19, 2011

RJGOriginals Updates

Just a few quick updates to get you through the rest of the Halloween pre-season with our shop RJGOriginals.

  1. International shipping (not US/Canada) on all tombstones ends tomorrow. I will pull those options from all listings by Wednesday.
  2. All tombstone listings come down 1 October. Order by 30 September now to avoid being shut out till 2012.
  3. All Halloween-specific merchandise will lose international (not US/Canada) shipping on 1 October.
  4. All Halloween-specific merchandise comes down 10 October. Anything that could fit in a more horror vein year round gets re-categorized. Everything else is gone till 2012.
  5. That also means that the coupon code "SAVEHALLOWEEN," which gets you 15% off of your order, expires 10 October. It's good on everything in the shop.
  6. We will be adding crocheted hats to the shop by the end of the month. We are waiting on our local beauty supplier to get another shipment of foam wig heads in so we can photograph them in a professional manner. They're awesome. I want to steal them all for myself.
That is all.

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