Monday, August 22, 2011

Treasury: It's Alive

I wanted to do another April's Army-driven treasury about Halloween. I figured I'd try to hit as many Etsy frontpage mainstays as I could without coming across as a parody. I think I managed it quite nicely.

For those keeping score at home, the Etsy mainstays are: 
  • objects photographed on books
  • objects photographed on library shelves
  • framed objects photographed on library shelves
  • stark white backgrounds
  • babies modeling hats
  • artists camping it up while modeling costumes
  • barnwood
  • things photographed on neutral backgrounds with a perspective line
This is not a commentary on these artists. I genuinely like all these objects. I was just trying to open up my mind to how to best appeal to a wider Etsy demographic with my more offbeat treasuries. It's working quite nicely so far. 

Don't be afraid of choosing items that fit the look of the frontpage. It might not guarantee a feature, but it could draw in some extra clicks, which could work their way back to your shop.

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